Cleaning the BJJ mats

How you guys doin? It’s Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us Zenith Jiu Jitsu I want to go over how we keep our mats clean and sanitized as most of you know that have trained Jiu Jitsu it gets really sweaty on the mats especially in the summertime Before we start mopping with the wet […]
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BJJ for Beginners – First Day: What to Expect

Hey everyone! Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us team Zenith Jiu-Jitsu. I wanted to talk to you guys real quick if you’ve never done Brazilian jiu-jitsu and you’re thinking about coming in to check out the gym try a class.  It’s a little intimidating, it’s a little uneasy when you walk in the doors.  You’re […]
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How I met Robert Drysdale

Hey everyone! Greg Kalteich over at Drysdale Fight For Us we are team Zenith Jiu-Jitsu I want to do a quick little video and tell you guys how I came to know Rob and how I was able to learn and train with him I had signed up at another studio and about five months into it that team decided to leave […]
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cobra kai jiu jitsu gi

Tyson Smith (born October 16, 1983) is a Canadian professional wrestler, best known by his ring name Kenny Omega. He is signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), where he is the reigning and inaugural IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion. In NJPW, he is also a former one-time IWGP Intercontinental Champion, two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, […]
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